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Well met, stranger

If you are not over the age of 18, I will have to gently guide your hand and close this tab. Preserve your innocence for as long as you can.

[normies get out]

This website was made by a disgruntled writer fleeing from self-censorship. All the mainstream "blogging" sites are, in essence, what Reddit or any other social media is. Upvotes, likes, comments and hearts, however dopamine productive they might be, are a fleeting high with a terrible crash if societal requirements, for what is deemed 'good' content, are not met. This caffeinated person does not mesh well with such acts of censoring in favour of approval, therefore, here we are - learning HTML and CSS from scratch to spite them all. Sincerely hope you find this space useful, or at the very least, it activates some neurons to bonk off of each other. This website is a little safe haven for expressing thoughts and acts as a personal archive of stories that are frowned upon almost anywhere else.

In a rare instance where you would be interested in a random person's thoughts, kindly open the Thoughts door in the navigation bar to peer into parts of my mind I'm willing to share online. The Story Archive is just that - an archive of my written work. A simple backup, in case things go awry elsewhere. My methods are unconventional and brow-raising.

If you would like to contact me to send me severely underrated music, simply talk about shared writing woes, or make a commission, you can do so on Twitter @kinna_madkins or check out this neat little carrd I made

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Hatemail also accepted.

Enjoy your stay. It's mandated.